What Does The Franklin Look Like In The Canterbury Tales?

What does the physician look like in the Canterbury Tales?

Chaucer’s Physician, like the rest of the characters in The Canterbury Tales, is portrayed in a lightly satirical manner.

While learned, the Physician is also pompous and greedy.

In the Prologue, Chaucer spends considerable time describing the Physician’s medical knowledge as deep and broad..

What does Chaucer think of the Franklin?

Chaucer’s Opinion on the Franklin He says that The Franklin is calm, strong and an over all happy guy. Chaucer also proves that he thinks highly of the Franklin by saying, “He was a model among landed gentry.” He lives to please others and has a house full of food.

What’s the Miller like in terms of physical build?

What the physical build of the miller? He’s huge, with a red beard, wide black nostrils, a gaping mouth, and a wart on his nose. He is massive.

How is the Miller described in The Canterbury Tales?

In Chaucer’s tale, the Miller is one of the pilgrims on the trip to Canterbury. He is a brawny man with a red beard. Hairs sprout from the wart on his nose, and his nostrils and mouth are unusually wide. … The Miller also enjoys wrestling, an appropriate sport for a man strong enough to break a door from its hinges.

What does the narrator state directly about the Franklin?

What does the narrator state directly about the Franklin in lines 341-356? The Franklin has a white beard and rosy complexion. He lives for pleasure, especially for fine food and drink.

What is the moral of the Franklin tale?

“The Franklin’s Tale” in “The Canterbury Tales” is a fable. Its theme is a moral: Never make a promise you do not intend to keep. But as a literary work of fiction, the tale’s theme points to another possibility.

Who is the most generous in the Franklin’s Tale?

AureliusIn Geoffrey Chaucer’s, “The Franklin Tale”, Aurelius was the most generous because he was willing to lose the love of his life and be in debt only because he felt sympathy.

How does the Friar spend the money he earns through hearing confessions?

How does the Friar spend the money he earns through hearing confessions? He spends his money on drinking and gifts for women. Reread lines 237-263. … He uses his position to gain money; he does not associate with the poor or unfortunate members of society.

What is a Franklin in medieval times?

In the Middle English period, a franklin was simply a freeman; that is, a man who was not a serf. In the feudal system under which people were tied to land which they did not own, serfs were in bondage to a member of the nobility who owned that land.

What social class is the Franklin in Canterbury Tales?

middle classWe’ve learned that the Franklin in The Canterbury Tales is a wealthy member of the middle class. The details of his physical description include his white beard and white silk purse, which he wears on a belt.

What is the Franklin in Canterbury Tales?

A “franklin” is a gentry landowner, a member of the nobility. … The Franklin takes pleasure in eating and drinking, and in providing pleasure to others through generous entertaining. This is why he is known as “Saint Julian” in his region, for Saint Julian is the patron saint of hospitality.

What does Franklin mean?

Franklin is a masculine English given name. It is of English coming from the medieval English Frankeleyn, coming from the Anglo-Franco fraunclein. Its meaning is landowner of free but not noble origin.

What is the theme of The Franklin’s Tale?

On the theme in the Canterbury Tales about freedom and sovereignty in marriage, the Franklin’s Tale arguably explores three successive acts of conscience or gentilesse springing from rich human generosity: by Dorigen’s husband, her suitor and the magician who cancels the debt owed to him.

What is the purpose of the Miller’s tale?

The Miller’s Tale has two main purposes. The first is to say that two people who get married should be alike, in age most especially. The carpenter in the Miller’s tale is an old man who marries a young maid who has yet to experience much of life. The marriage was doomed from the start.

What happens at the end of the Miller’s tale?

The love triangle between Nicholas, Absolon, and Alisoun reaches its climax, and the Miller’s belief that a great flood is coming seems to be vindicated, causing him to cut the rope that’s attaching him to the ceiling, which brings him crashing to the floor.

What does a lad of fire mean?

Driven, motivated, fearlessWhen describing the Squire, what does the narrator mean by a “lad of fire”? Driven, motivated, fearless.

What does the host say the winner of the contest will receive?

Bailey also stands to profit from the contest: the winner of the contest wins a free meal at his tavern, to be paid for by the rest of the contestants, all of whom will presumably eat with the winner and thus buy more meals from Bailey.

How does Chaucer define honor?

Honor is both inner goodness and social reputation; it is a passive state of virtue or blood and an active meriting of honor or honoring of others. Both masculine heroic honor and feminine chaste honor are transcended by the spiritual honor of “trouthe.” 245. COGHILL, NEVILL. Chaucer’s Idea of What is Noble.