Quick Answer: Can You Track A Lost Or Stolen Kindle?

What do you do if you lose your Kindle?

Report Your Amazon Device as Lost or StolenGo to Manage Your Content and Devices and select the Devices tab.Select the lost or stolen device, click Edit next to the device name, and copy its serial number to provide to Customer Service.Click Deregister, and then click Deregister again to complete the process..

Can Firesticks be tracked?

Your firestick has a serial number that amazon Can use to track if someone else registers it .. … You need to go online to your amazon account go to Manage Content and Devices , select your devices tab , Select the lost or stolen device, select the Actions button and copy its serial number to provide to Customer Service.

Can Amazon track stolen electronics?

Unless you report it, Amazon cannot track the issue or document it on the Buyers account. For all INR claims that we are unable to locate the package, we open a case with seller support to report the loss so Amazon can notate the buyers account. We also file a theft report with the Postal Inspectors.

Does deregistering a Kindle remove content?

“Deregistering the Kindle will remove all content from the device. You do need to remove all purchased material from the Kindle device. Existing purchased Kindle content already on a device cannot be given as a gift according to the License Agreement and Terms of Use of the Amazon Kindle.”

How do I find out if my Kindle is blacklisted?

If it’s still in the box, the serial number should be on a sticker on the side of the box. A call to Amazon and they’ll check if it’s blacklisted.