Question: When Should You Not Use Firebase?

Should we use firebase?

Firebase is a good choice if you plan to either write a brand-new application or rewrite an existing one from scratch.

Additionally, firebase helps in the easy storing and retrieval of dynamic content.

If you decide to develop the application without any form of custom coding the backend, firebase makes this easy..

Why is firebase bad?

The cons of Firebase One of the main problems with it, is limited querying capabilities. Realtime database provides no way to filter capabilities, because the whole DB is a huge JSON file, which makes it pretty difficult to make complex queries.

Why is firebase so slow?

Probably the most common explanation for a seemingly slow query is that your query is, in fact, running very fast. But after the query is complete, we still need to transfer all of that data to your device, and that’s the part that’s running slowly.

Is firebase good for big apps?

Firebase is a general purpose very easy to use Api and so are the features. … (you cannot get complex queries with Firebase e.g.) You will easily build a Instagram Clone. However, at a certain point it’s simply too expensive and you’re better off developing your own stack to serve your needs efficiently.

Should I use firebase or MySQL?

If it is nosql data then use firebase else for sql data you should probably use MySQL as database. you must use both technologies if you want to become a good developer. When do you say I will have to use Firebase or MongoDB for an application that has both mobile and web ends, instead of MySQL?

What are the limitations of Firebase?

256 MB from the REST API; 16 MB from the SDKs. The total data in each write operation should be less than 256 MB. Multi-path updates are subject to the same size limitation. The total bytes written through simultaneous write operations on the database at any given time.

What can I use instead of Firebase?

Firebase Alternatives – Top 10+ CompetitorsParse – Open Source Backend Platform;Back4app – Parse Hosting Platform;Kinvey – Mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS) for the Enterprise;Backendless – Mobile Backend and API Services Platform;Kuzzle – Backend for web, hybrid, or native mobile apps and IoT projects;Pubnub – Real-time APIs and Global Messaging;More items…

Which is better FireStore or realtime database?

In the Realtime database, Charges only for bandwidth and storage, but at a higher rate. While in the Cloud FireStore, Charges primarily on operations performed in your database (read, write, delete) and, at a lower rate, bandwidth and storage. … In the Cloud FireStore, Charges is very low than Realtime Database.

Which is better AWS or firebase?

Firebase, although younger, is a little more advanced in its technology. … If you’re a small team setting up, Firebase might serve you better than a heavy AWS setup. It also has a lower learning curve than AWS. On the flip side, Firebase makes it difficult to query larger datasets.

Which big companies use firebase?

2037 companies reportedly use Firebase in their tech stacks, including Instacart, Twitch, and Stack.Instacart.Twitch.Stack.LaunchDarkly …ViaVarejo.Bepro Company …Client Platform …Accenture.

Why does Google use firebase?

App Development Made Easy Since the operations and internal functions are so solid, and taken care of by the Firebase interface, you can spend more time developing the high quality app that users are going to want to use. … Realtime Database: Store and sync app data in realtime. Storage: File storing made easy.

Is Google firebase secure?

Anyone can make requests to your Firebase database, both the Realtime Database and Firestore. So Firebase has Security Rules that you write to lock down your databases. These rules are, admittedly, the weakest part of the Firebase platform. I am not implying that the security itself is weak, because it’s bulletproof.

Does firebase use MongoDB?

Firebase database is a fork of MongoDB. You can take advantage of all built-in features of Firebase over MongoDB.

Is firebase free of cost?

Firebase offers a free-tier billing plan for all its products. For some products, usage continues to be free no matter your level of use. For other products, if you need high levels of use, you’ll need to switch your project to a paid-tier billing plan. Learn more about Firebase billing plans.

When should I use firebase realtime database?

Cloud Firestore costs increase for every API call you make, regardless of how much data you send/receive. This means that if you’re planning on having lots of small transactions like location updates or live chat messages, you’ll favor using Realtime Database.