Question: What Are Some Passion Words?

What are passion words?

Words related to passion temper, sentiment, rage, zeal, joy, resentment, warmth, excitement, dedication, intensity, fury, devotion, fervor, ardor, anger, feeling, spirit, affection, desire, lust..

What is a stronger word for passionate?

SYNONYMS FOR passionate 1, 3, 4 ardent, impassioned, excited, fervent, warm, enthusiastic, earnest, glowing, burning, fiery; animated, impetuous, violent.

What can I say instead of passion?

What is another word for passionate about?in love withbesotted withtwitterpated bywild aboutwith a passion forbowled over byconsumed with desire forcarrying a torch forappreciatefancy28 more rows

What are the 7 passions?

Here are the seven passions and their main positive and negative qualities:Unity. Positive qualities: Togetherness, harmony, oneness, interconnection, sameness. … Wisdom. Positive qualities: knowledge and experience of the world and how it operates. … Creativity. … Love. … Power. … Joy. … Peace.

What is the verb of passion?

(obsolete) To suffer pain or sorrow; to experience a passion; to be extremely agitated. (transitive) To give a passionate character to.

What does zealous mean?

adjective. full of, characterized by, or due to zeal; ardently active, devoted, or diligent.