How Many 747 Crashed?

What is the safest airplane in the world?

The Safest Aircraft in the WorldBoeing 717 (formerly the MD95)Bombardier CRJ700/900/1000 regional jet family.Airbus A380.Boeing 787.Boeing 747-8.Airbus A350.Airbus A340..

What’s the most dangerous airline?

The World’s Most Dangerous AirlinesBluewing Airlines.Ariana Afghan Airways. … Daallo Airlines. … Merpati Airlines. … Susi Air. … Air Bagan. … Sriwijaya Air. … Yeti Airlines. Yeti Airlines is the parent company to Tara Air (mentioned later); an airline that was rewarded only one-star by … More items…

When was the last 747 crash?

April 29, 2013On April 29, 2013, National Airlines Flight 102, 747-400BCF, stalled and crashed shortly after taking off from Bagram Airfield in Bagram, killing all 7 crew members.

Why was the 747 discontinued?

The 747 democratized global air travel in the 1970s but fell behind modern twin-engine passenger jets. … In 2016, Boeing said it could end 747 production amid falling orders and pricing pressure. Major U.S. carriers like United Continental Holdings Inc and Delta Air Lines Inc have already said goodbye to the 747.

How many 747 have been built?

Boeing 747Number built1,558 (incl. 2 undelivered Boeing testbeds) as of June 2020Program costUS$1B in 1968 (7.4B today)Unit cost-100 US$24M (1972, 146.7M today) -200 US$39M (1976, 175.2M today) -300 US$83M (1982, 219.9M today)VariantsBoeing 747SP Boeing 747-400 Boeing 747-8 Boeing VC-25 Boeing E-411 more rows

Is Boeing 747 400 Safe?

It was written off but there were no fatalities. The only other fatality connected to a 747-400 happened near Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso, west Africa, in September 1996. Three passengers were seriously injured when the plane ran into severe turbulence.