How Do I Stop My 499 Gigasurfing?

How do you stop Giga Surf 499?

To opt-out of your auto-renew add-ons, simply text STOP to 9999, and your registered service will expire on your bill cutoff.

For example: STOP GIGA299 and send it to 9999..

How do I unsubscribe from Smart promos?

Unsubscribe from SMS-VAS (Value Added Services) subscriptionsYou will receive a notification indicating all the services you are subscribed to.Follow the instructions on how to cancel the service. … You may also send STOP ALL to a specific access number to unsubscribe to all services from that source.To stop receiving alerts from SMART, send ALERTS OFF to 211.

What Gigasurf 499?

With Sun Prepaid Gigasurf 499 It comes with 8GB Open Access Data + free 1GB Data for YouTube, iflix, NBA, iWant & Cignal valid for 30 Days for 499 pesos. Sun Gigasurf 499 also includes add-on you can avail. Promo Description: * 8GB Open Access Data.

How do you Pasaload Giga surf 99?

With Pasaload, you can now transfer different kinds of promo packages! To send a package, key in PASALOAD <11-digit mobile number> and send to 808. The amount shared will be charged to your regular load. Now you can pasaload to any Smart or Smart BRO Prepaid subscribers with your PLDT myHome account!

Can I downgrade my Smart postpaid plan?

SMART on Twitter: “@alremojo Yes, you can downgrade your current plan. Just visit the nearest SMART Store in your area.

How can I cancel my Smart postpaid plan?

For accounts within contract, processing fee of P336 and pre-termination fee apply….In the event that you need to temporarily disconnect your Smart Postpaid or Infinity line, please visit any Smart Store and prepare the following:Letter of Undertaking.Valid ID.Affidavit of Loss (for lost mobile phone or SIM)

When can I renew my smart postpaid plan?

Smart Communications, Inc. At the end of your postpaid account’s contract period (usually 24 or 30 months), you may renew your contract and avail of a new smartphone or device under the Retention Program. You can easily verify online if your account is eligible for the renewal.

How do I stop Giga surfing?

If you do not wish to be enrolled, simply text STOP [KEYWORD] to 9999 for FREE.

What is the best data promo for Smart?

Smart Prepaid Promos with Highest Data AllocationGIGA VIDEO 6GB options. GIGA VIDEO 399. – 6GB data + 1 GB per day of Video Every Day for YouTube, iFlix, iWant TV, NBA League Pass, Cignal TV. … GIGA STORIES 399 / GIGA GAMES 399 / GIGA MUSIC 399. GIGA STORIES 399. … GIGA VIDEO 8GB options. GIGA VIDEO 499. … GIGA STORIES 499 / GIGA GAMES 499 / GIGA MUSIC 499.

How do I delete my Smart account?

There are several ways to delete your inactive accounts:if you still have access to your old smart device, use the Smart-ID app to remove the account. … if you can’t use your app to delete the account, sign in to the Smart-ID portal and deactivate the accounts that you no longer require.More items…

How do I reload my smart prepaid WIFI?

Smart MoneyGo to your Smart Menu, select Smart Money.Choose Reload Prepaid.Select Smart Bro.Select Others and enter the Smart Bro mobile number you wish to reload.Select your source Smart Money account.Select the amount or denomination to reload.Press OK to confirm your transaction.More items…

How do I subscribe to Gigasurf?

How can I avail of the promo?Just dial *121# and choose GIGAVIDEO.Via SMS registration- Text GIGA and send to 9999 or 2200.

How can I cancel my smart bro plan?

7.1 Termination by Subscriber. The Subscriber may terminate his subscription in writing by giving one (1) month prior notice for cancellation and by fully settling all his outstanding obligations with SMART.

How do I stop all out surf 30?

TM All-In Surf 30 Promo To check your remaining call, text and data, just text AS30 STATUS to 8080. If you want to stop or unsubscribe the promo, you can text AS30 STOP to 8080.